Our Process

Our Approach

Nugent Design Build’s creative approach will bring your custom home vision to life. From day one we invest in our clients. We partner with clients to understand their vision and make it a reality. A member of our design team will sit down with you and put together a “wish list” for your custom home or renovation. We listen to your ideas, learn your style and design a home that reflects your needs. Our design experts provide guidance, suggestions and examples for our clients throughout the decision-making process. With the input you share with us we develop a 3D model of your new home or home remodel and bring it to life. You are able to envision what your new home or renovation will look like and what it will cost — all before signing the design contract.

STEP 1: Getting to Know You

The first step in the process of building a new home or renovation is the initial meeting. We offer this meeting at no charge to our clients. At this meeting, you share with us your vision. If you are unsure, we help guide you. It helps to know what you expect. The more information you can provide us, the more we are able to provide you in terms of a realistic scope of the project: both in terms of design the establishing the costs. It is beneficial to bring with you to the meeting the following:

  • A bullet list of what you want (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • A plot of your home and square footage. This is helpful to determine county codes, regulations, and anything else that might impact the design of the home.
  • If it’s a renovation, it is helpful to bring photos of the existing areas (interior & exterior shots).
  • For a renovation, take measurements of the existing rooms and bring that information with you. A rough drawing of the floor plan is also helpful.

STEP 2: The Design Presentation

After gathering all of the data and getting a good handle on what your vision is, we present our design ideas to you. At this meeting, we will show you sketches, schematics, and even a 3D model of your new home or renovation. All of this at no charge to you. It is very important to us to ensure you are able to visualize the project – and have as much information available to you up front before choosing a firm to design and build your new home or renovation. We want you to feel comfortable with us, our expertise, and our vision before going forward.

At this point, if you chose to proceed with us, you will sign a design contract. A 50% deposit of the design fee will be required. See a sample design contract.

STEP 3: The Details

Okay, now we’ve got a design. But how much is it going to cost? Is it going to work within our budget?

We established a budget in Step 1 during the initial meeting. Now that we’ve got the design, we itemize specifically all the items and related costs pertaining to the construction of the home (plumbing, fixtures, how many windows, etc.). Every item is specified and priced out. At this point, you have already met with the kitchen designers, bathroom designers, and identified all the fixtures you would like. All of that information pulled together and we confirm that we are on target budget-wise regarding all the costs involved in the construction of the home. If you approve, you sign off to proceed with the construction of your new home or renovation. See a sample construction contract.

Now that we are ready to build the home, we apply for the necessary permits. Typical construction ranges from approximately 6-9 months.

Take the 1st Step! Contact us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your new home or renovation!

Our Process